What A Trojan Is and How to Get Rid of It

A Trojan Horse virus is one common form of cyber-attacks. It is a type of malware that attaches itself to a seemingly innocent file that you accidentally download onto your computer. They can come from spam mail or by clicking an insecure internet link. Once installed into your computer, they embed themselves and go to work. Trojan viruses can steal your data or download other nefarious viruses and malware into your system.

How to Get Rid of a Trojan Virus

The first step to get rid of the Trojan manually is to locate the virus within your system. Your computer should have the file highlighted as a DLL, you can then copy this and find out more about the affected file online. You need to be sure to shut off the system restore. This will prevent from the system accidentally restoring the Trojan when you turn it back on. After you have located the infected file you need to restart the computer in safe mode. Once the computer is back online, go into adding and removing programs and delete out the affected files. Go into the Windows System folder to get all the extensions of the infected programs. Then, you can restart the computer normally.

You can get rid of a Trojan with the aid of anti-malware. First, shut off the system restore and disable all restore points so as not to re-infect your system. Then, install the anti-malware program. After that shut off the computer and restart in safe mode. When the computer is restarted, go into add and remove program and get rid of programs you don’t recognize. Then, start the scan with the anti-malware program. If the scan finds the virus, remove it and re-scan in safe mode before restarting the computer normally. If the scan finds the virus but cannot remove it, search for more specific instructions from reputable anti-malware sites. Finally, if the scan finds nothing, but you are sure there is a virus you may have to completely backup and restore your system.

Protect from Another Attack

Trojan Horse Viruses are one of many forms of malware that exist. Even if it isn’t terribly involved to get rid of a Trojan virus you don’t want to have to mess with them because of what they can do before you can get rid of them. Always be mindful to make sure you are opening emails from recognized sources and be wary of clicking on unknown websites. Try and stick to safe sites with current security certificates. Employ the use of anti-malware programs and be sure to run scans at a regular interval to check for spyware.

If you don’t use anti-malware programs, make sure you do frequent checks for unknown programs that are running when your computer starts. If you see programs that you don’t recognize take steps to rid yourself of the virus immediately. These will help to prevent a Trojan from attacking your computer.