Reasons to Search for an SEO Consultant

Increasing population numbers and widespread business loan opportunities both lead to increased competition within EVERY field of expertise. And with the growth in businesses comes more websites, all vying for the top position in search engine ranking. To beat all the competition, business owners with company websites should consider hiring an SEO consulting agency specialist.

Why should an SEO expert be consulted? For a myriad of reasons! Three overwhelmingly important reasons are listed below:


1. Poor SEO Implementation Can Lead to Severe Penalties

Many, many resources exist informing web page creators how to implement SEO. However, many online resources omit information regarding the penalties administered for lazy programming and poor content. An SEO Consultant can inform business owners on the technical aspects regarding SEO, the legal aspects, as well as the ethical practices in relation to SEO.

For example,a backlink to a disreputable source may either lower the business owner’s website ranking, or completely eliminate the website from the search engine. Or, a quick fix of online content for fast revenue to the owner’s pocket, known to Google as a “black hat,” will also eliminate company websites from front page rankings. Whether new to SEO and website programming, willfully ignorant regarding proper SEO implementation, or openly fraudulent in SEO practices, Google views them all the same. And all will be punished equally.

An SEO Consultant can teach business owners all the technicalities behind SEO implementation, including backlinking and how to increase website traffic. He or she can also teach the owners how to accurately predict future trends, both in Google’s algorithms and in product or service trends. In short, an SEO Consultant shares many qualities with any other marketer. The Internet, Local SEO, and the more widespread SEO are simply different and additional tools within the business realm to be used and gained from.


2. Many SEO Consulting Services Serve as Full-Service Companies

Beyond a doubt, SEO is complex and time-consuming. Moreover, for the brick-and-mortar companies, as well as the companies selling homemade crafts, the whole process of running and maintaining a highly-operative website is stressful and time-consuming all in itself. For this reason, WebFX President Bill Craig highly encourages business owners to ask their SEO Consultants about full website-service opportunities.

Firstly, a full-service package may come at a discounted price compared to a sole SEO consulting plan. The services provided would include – alongside SEO implementation – marketing toward consumers about on-sale products and services within the company website, marketing about new and related products and services, and website redesigning services.

Exactly how far would the requested or suggested redesign process go? Well, business owners would need to contact the SEO consultant to find out. And therein lies the key to finding out if the SEO Consultant comes from an honest and true company.


3. How to Ensure an Open and Honest SEO Consultant

An open and honest SEO Consultant will never guarantee first page results. If a business owner hears a consultant guarantee that his or her website will appear on the first page of a Google search, then the business owner should flee the online premises immediately. Only Google and other online search engines know their most current algorithms.

Another way to guarantee an honest and true SEO consultant is to look for customer reviews. These written reviews may appear on the company website – thus, improving the SEO Consultant’s own SEO rankings! – or on review websites such as Yelp or Foursquare. But, above all else, business owners should have the ability to call or email the SEO Consultant. If the owners feel like their questions are being avoided, or they feel like the company handles business dishonestly, then they should abandon the consultant. Honesty is the best policy, after all.


An Overall Improved and Operating Company Website

Hiring an SEO Consultant is guaranteed to wipe out some competition within the business owner’s field of expertise. Even if the business owner runs a blog, hiring an SEO Consultant makes sense, because the owner and any other employees need to focus on creating content. And the more relevant the content is, which the company contains on its website, the happier the user experience is and the more positive the following potential reviews.

Other website concerns to keep in mind, which a full-service company could ensure proper care for, include user experiences on the company websites. Examples include loading time, which should take two seconds or less, and content related to the included keywords, which the potential consumer likely used in an organic search that led to the company website.

But business owners don’t have to worry about remembering all this! They need to simply hire an SEO Consultant, and he or she will take care of the website, its visibility, its ranking, and so much more.